Allied Piano & Finish

The source for Piano Life Saver Systems and exclusively König Polyester and LakeOne furniture finishing products. 


Orpheus Music Group

Schimmel Piano D.C., used piano sales, promoters of instrument excellence. 

Falls Church, VA (703) 534-6318

Piano Technician Tutorials

Modern, dynamic, and interactive eBook tutorials for piano technicians of all levels. 

Brooks LTD

Serving piano technicians and rebuilders since 1980. Brooks LTD supplies piano parts and supplies to piano technicians. Suppliers include Abel action components, Bolduc wood products and Piano Life Saver.

(800) 326-2440

Piano Life Saver System

As a fundamental component of complete piano care, it protects pianos from the undesirable effects of extreme or fluctuating humidity levels. Learn how Piano Life Saver Systems can contribute to your business as a piano technician.



The Butler School

An interactive home study course in piano technology. Our school is dedicated to providing quality education. We wish to offer a unique and interactive learning experience for those who want to begin a new career or part-time business in tuning and servicing pianos.

(240) 396-7480

Supply 88

Supply88 offers unique tools, innovative gadgets, quality tool bags, and quality supplies for piano tuning, service and repair.

(602) 633-4878

Most of our photography was done by the talented ChiaYu Lee.

 To see more of his series from Heart One Pianos, visit his website. 

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