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Industry Guide

Beginning with the publication of The Piano Book, by Larry Fine in 1987, Piano Buyer publications are a leading voice in the piano industry. Piano Buyer's mission is to provide accurate, up-to-date information regarding everything from piano pricing, product reviews, manufacturing information, care and maintenance, and more! You can find more information about our history and contributors here.

Industry Expertise

Piano Buyer publishes new piano pricing from all U.S. distributed manufacturers twice a year.

What Technicians Should Know

Knowledge about the world of manufacturing better equips you for real-world work. Learn about manufacturer history, quality, and product details in the Piano Buyer Brand Profiles. Piano Buyer also has extensive articles written for the general public on care and maintenance, buying, and selling. Use our material as a reference for your work in the field!

The Piano Buyer App provides brand information, piano pricing, and a serial number lookup all in one place! Available for Apple and Android.

ProPTN Contributions


The Value of Condemning Pianos


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Piano Buyer sponsors three ProPTN student members per year.

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