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British designed and manufactured tools for musical instrument technicians and musicians.

Using new techniques to increase accuracy and ease of use, striving to reduce our carbon footprint with recyclable, sustainable and biodegradable materials where possible and all designed by technicians for technicians.

Industry Expertise

Since 1987, Piano Buyer has specialized in up-to-date manufacturing information, including new piano pricing, brand profiles and history, and buying and selling guides. 

What Technicians Should Know

Piano Buyer is stocked with consumer guide articles that can help technicians effectively communicate everything from piano purchasing and selling to care and maintenance with their clients. 

The Piano Buyer App includes new piano pricing information, complete brand profiles, and a serial number search in partnership with Pierce Piano Atlas. It was designed to be a tool for technicians in the field to have as much information at their fingertips as possible!

ProPTN Contributions




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