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Triage Kit


This kit is curated for all types of squeak-proofing projects. Perfect for students who are about to head into the field! 


Kit includes:

  • Three types of cloth - thick bushing cloth, thinner compressed cloth, and ecsaine cloth. All three are perfect for squeak-proofing everything from case parts to pedals. Small scissors are included so you can cut the cloth to size. 
  • Scotch Brite and Beeswax - the perfect solution to rusty screws that are hard to manage. Clean screws with the scotch brite and then run the screw over the beeswax for a smooth fit.
  • Assorted felt punchings and adhesive-backed felt pads. 

Learn How to Use It:

Upright Pedal Noise Elimination

Get to the root of the problem instead of slapping a thick lubricant on the issue.

Triage Kit

When the show must go on, sometimes you need a quick stop-gap repair.

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