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Xacto Knife with Chisel Blades


This Xacto knife includes 5 3/8" chisel blades and 5 1/4" chisel blades.


Why We Love It: 

These are the best blades for key and flange bushing! Use the flat edge of these blades to slice straight down for a clean cut. No blade dragging means no torn ends, no diagonal slices, and no carpel tunnel or bloody fingers. Trust us, your hands will thank you for these! Watch the video to see how easy it is to make a clean cut with these blades. 


3/8" blade is perfect for key mortises, but we included the 1/4" blades as well just in case you have a key with a smaller mortise. This product includes five of each size blade - and you can come back for refills of individual blades as needed! 


Need just the blades? Refills available:



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