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Piano Technician Tutorials


Technician Education

Piano Technician Tutorials and eBooks are an effective way to disseminate correct techniques and methods to those who continually seek to improve their skills and better serve their clients. PTT is a portable, affordable, and dynamic way to learn about piano technology, including everything from upright regulation to harpsichord maintenance!

Industry Expertise

A lifelong teacher of music and piano technology, Jim Busby designed Piano Technician Tutorials to reach students of all learning styles.

What Technicians Should Know

As you look through our eBook we encourage you to give us feedback. “Dynamic” means that an eBook is sort of a “living document” that can be improved year after year. It is the hope of the publisher and the author that these eBooks will be a valuable addition to your learning library.

ProPTN Contributions


Jim Busby's Voicing Kit

Bedding the Keyframe



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