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ProPTN was created in an effort to fill the void of reliable, current, and quality online tech education. It is our hope that technicians of all levels will use ProPTN as a resource to aid their day-to-day work, enhance their skill level, and to define the standards of care that are the marks of quality craftsmanship. The team of technicians behind ProPTN includes those specialized in university, dealership, and field work.

Meet The Team


Hannah Beckett

Hannah is a piano technician in northern Virginia. A former piano teacher, she is passionate about piano education for both the technician and the piano owner. 


Gregory Cheng, RPT

Greg has been tuning pianos since he was a teenager. Throughout his career Greg has been an institutional technician, technical trainer, warranty specialist, service manager and financial analyst. Today he is the chief technician and general manager of Allied Piano and Finish LLC.


Kate Redding, RPT

Kate’s love of the piano grew from years of piano lessons, and from the sustained encouragement of her teachers and family. She is interested in sharing information and ideas about institutional work and culture. Kate is the Lead Piano Technician at Shenandoah Conservatory in Winchester, Virginia.


Kelly Overvold

Kelly (she/they) has spent most of their life involved in the arts and ultimately fell in love with piano technology due to the perfect combination of pianos, fine craftsmanship, and the potential for lifelong learning. They have been a student of piano technology since 2018 and her education has included an apprenticeship with a professional technician as well as two years of experience working in the shop of a local piano dealership. They are also currently enrolled in The Butler School of Piano Technology and have been servicing pianos in the Washington DC and Northern Virginia area for three years.


Jennifer Gold

Jenn is a technician who has played the piano her whole life. Her love of the piano led her to the piano technician field, which she has been  working in for several years at universities, festivals, and in homes.

Jenn is currently studying at the North Bennet Street School and is passionate about helping others learn and grow as technicians by creating resources for beginners.


McKinley Corbley

McKinley is a Northern VA-based technician who first fell in love with piano technology after reaching out to Hannah Beckett for mentorship back in October 2020. Although McKinley had already spent several years working in instrument repair at a world music shop in Maryland, she quickly became enchanted by the allure of piano technology and shifted her focus towards becoming a technician. Between regulating pianos in a dealership setting and building up a local client base, she is still delighting in all of the different realms of the industry. 


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