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ProPTN was started simply as a way to use time productively at home during the first wave of Covid-19, but it quickly developed into so much more: an opportunity to modernize accessibility to technician education. Recognizing the archaic nature of this craft, a small group of technicians set out to build an online resource for technicians of all skill levels, sizes, ages, and backgrounds to use in their daily work providing quality care for their pianos and themselves.


ProPTN is dedicated to removing barriers of access to piano technology. Our content exists because of our hardworking team members sacrificing countless hours to fulfill a desire to share knowledge with our community.


It is our intention to always keep membership affordable - especially for students who are already shouldering the cost of tools and educational materials, all while starting a new career. Membership fees support the content you see here and help us grow and develop more resources for technicians. We are already working hard to bring even more exciting features to the platform to continue pioneering a better future for the industry, and every dollar of membership subscriptions goes towards supporting that goal.


Thank you for being a part of our community!

- Hannah

Meet The Team

Hannah Beckett
Executive Director

In addition to working as a field technician in northern Virginia, Hannah has been the driving force behind ProPTN's growth and expansion. Her work has covered everything from content and operations management to partnerships and marketing. She is passionate about uniting all areas of the piano industry in an effort to promote the enjoyment of quality music at all levels. 

Gregory Cheng, RPT
Expert Consultant

As one of the co-founders of ProPTN with more than 20 years of piano technology experience under his belt, Greg has been a veteran consultant, contributor, and peer reviewer for the educational content published on the website. Throughout his career, Greg has been an institutional technician, technical trainer, warranty specialist, service manager and financial analyst. Today he is the chief technician and general manager of Allied Piano and Finish, LLC in Philadelphia.

Kelly Overvold
The Librarian

Kelly (she/they) is the archivist and record-keeper for ProPTN. Their work has included social media outreach, content creation, writing, and editing, and cataloguing the platform's resources. She also is responsible for designing and launching the ProPTN Study Hall Discord channel for technicians to chat, ask questions, and discuss industry-related topics. A student of piano technology since 2018, their education includes an apprenticeship, dealership work, enrollment in The Butler School of Piano Technology, and field work within the Washington DC and Northern Virginia area.

Jennifer Gold
Beginners and Educational Resources Director; Product Manager

Though Jenn is perhaps most notably responsible for spearheading The Collection, she has played an invaluable role in bringing numerous ProPTN projects to life, as well as being a leader in student outreach. Her work has involved graphic design, content development, merchandising, and operations strategizing. A graduate of the North Bennet Street School and a lifelong pianist herself, Jenn has now spent several years servicing pianos at universities, festivals, and in homes.

McKinley Corbley
Contributing Editor

A former news writer and editor, McKinley assists in handling ProPTN's editorial content. In addition to proofreading, peer reviewing, writing, editing, and revising the platform's articles and pages, she also helps with website development and technician outreach. She currently does field and shop work on behalf of Piano Craft, a dealership based out of Gaithersburg, Maryland.

Andrew Deogracias
"The Collection" Business Manager

​With a business skillset that is as varied as a technician's tool bag, Andrew manages the technical and financial side of The Collection and serves as a consultant for project development. Trained in technology in an apprenticeship model, Andrew has since worked with piano dealers, wholesalers, music retailers, schools, and recording artists, but enjoys helping private piano owners above all. Besides servicing pianos in the DMV area, Andrew enjoys educating piano buyers and sellers on how they can navigate the retail market.


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