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Kelly Overvold


Kelly (they/she) is the archivist and record-keeper for ProPTN. Their work has included writing, editing, content creation, and cataloguing the platform’s resources. They are also responsible for designing, launching, and moderating the ProPTN Study Hall Discord server for technicians to ask questions, discuss industry-related topics, and engage with other technicians around the world.

Kelly is a lifelong pianist and, as a student of piano technology since 2018, their education has included an apprenticeship, dealership work, various ProPTN-led classes and seminars as well as enrollment in The Butler School of Piano Technology. In addition to their capacity as the ProPTN Librarian, they work with PianoBuyer as their social media manager and as a field technician servicing pianos in the Washington DC and Northern Virginia area.

Kelly Overvold
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