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Our Partnership Philosophy

We support you - you support us.

Our mission is to better the piano technology industry, and we like to make partnerships with people and businesses who share that goal. We believe in promoting good work, good opportunities, good products, and good resources.

All partners are featured on our Partner page - one of the most visited pages on our site. Your custom page will feature your branding, business information, and industry profile. We encourage our partners to provide information about their business's history, goals, and areas of expertise in the industry to make a more personal connection with our members.

If you’re interested in sharing what you have to offer with the network, take a look at the partnership opportunities below or get in touch with for more information.


Newsletter Connection

ProPTN features partner promotions on social media and in the monthly newsletter! Use the network to share information about new products, spotlight specific items, or publicize promotional features. Newsletters go out once a month to all of our members and have a high-read rate. Include your promotion in the Partner News section with a logo and hyperlink directly to your site. You can submit your newsletter promotional item here.

Newsletter Promotional: $35


Exclusive discount

Bring instant visibility to your business by offering a discount that readers will see as soon as they become a member! Exclusive discounts are listed in the membership package and in the welcome email. We provide links directly to your site, along with a brief business description. 

If you're interested in providing a discount for ProPTN members, please contact


Sponsor a Student Member

The Partner Sponsorship Program allows partners to provide one-year membership to ProPTN to an apprentice their mentor has nominated for the program. Mentors can nominate their apprentice for the program by filling out an application, and we match them with a sponsoring Partner. This program is a unique opportunity for partners to connect with students and introduce them to the business and brand in a personal way. ProPTN will send a custom email with partner information to the apprentice welcoming them to the program and introducing them to their sponsor.


Membership Sponsorship: $65


Sponsor an Article

Sponsor an article on ProPTN! We have two ways to sponsor an article - author an article, or contribute monetarily to an upcoming article. We welcome articles having to do with your area of expertise in the industry. All article sponsorships include a credit line at the top of the article with a logo and business description at the bottom. You can view an example of a sponsored article here.

Article Sponsorship: $150

Authored articles are published with no additional fees. 

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