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A Marketplace for Technicians

Whether you are a large-scale manufacturer, or a technician who makes a couple stringing jigs a year, The Collection connects you to technician buyers everywhere.

How it Works

Have a brilliant, problem-solving idea.

Make the tool.

Send it to us for quality confirmation.

Sell it to people who need it, too.


All tools featured in The Collection must work properly as advertised.

Each product listing must meet minimum standards for informative text, pics, or video.

You must ship your item(s) in a timely manner after purchase. 

About Our Quality Confirmation Process

The Collection features high-quality tools and supplies. Our Inspection Team tests each product in the field, shop, or other settings using a standardized methodology assessing value as a function of performance, durability, and convenience.

This quality confirmation process verifies products featured in The Collection hold up to the everyday uses of piano technicians in most settings.

When it comes to distribution, we're flexible.

Ship directly to the buyer, or let us handle storage and shipping. 

Full Service

Send us your product in bulk and we do the rest! 

In addition to the DIY benefits, we take care of:




Shop Setup

Order Processing

Let us handle the business end of things so that you can be work on pianos without the hassle of distribution.


Do-it-yourself but benefit from the ProPTN network and content!

We support and collaborate with sellers for:

Product Education

Seller Promotion

Payment Processing

Listing Photo/Video

Customer Service

Simply fill out the product application and our Inspection Team will be in touch for next steps.

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