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Piano Technology School


We are the leading training provider of its kind in the UK, welcoming trainees from all over the world. The intensive course in piano technology is a practical hands-on introduction for anyone looking for a career as a piano tuner. The course is an introduction to piano tuning & repair, and offers an immediate pathway into work and further training.


Industry Expertise

Alongside the technical training, relevant business training is also given focus:

- Business seminars (including set up basics)
- Piano tuning in the digital age
- How to find and keep your customers
- Customer service training
- Career options and CPD
- Individual support for next steps
- Visits to industry and retail
- Presentations and additional workshops from external experts
- How to become a part of the global piano tuning community

What Technicians Should Know

Why not combine training with travel! Our "Intensive Introduction To Piano Tuning & Repair" is open to anyone who would like to train in the UK for a short time. With exceptional outcomes and a business module that prepares you for your future in the trade and further training. RPT member Steve Droy uses the integrated method of teaching. The PTS has strong links with Reyburn cybertuner, Gazelle, Steinway London, Kawai and Bluthner. Already working as a tuner? More professional courses planned.

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