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Tool Makers


Pianosmiths was started when two piano technicians came together to make their lives and other technicians lives a little easier, a little lighter, a little more accurate and little more sustainable.

Since 2020 we have created an ever growing catalogue of products that we think are fit for the future of piano tuning and maintenance.

Industry Expertise

Pianosmiths is a renowned British manufacturer specialising in crafting high-quality piano tools for technicians. We take pride in blending traditional craftsmanship with modern technology and materials to create products that meet the precise needs of piano technicians worldwide.

What Technicians Should Know

We haven't stopped creating piano tools, products and accessories since we started and we don't intend to, in fact our catalogue of tools is growing, since we believe there is always something to improve upon. We also take pride in the fact that many of our products are made in Britain and where possible feature sustainable ethically sourced materials.

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