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Punchings Box


Introducing the perfect punchings box. Why is it perfect? Glad you asked.

  • The lid tightly seals individual compartments, making punchings bleed a distant nightmare. 
  • Durable plastic holds up to all kinds of abusive tool bag throwing, jamming, dropping, and thumping.
  • Clasped lid prevents a disaster in your tool kit.
  • At 5x8, it is small enough for portability convenience but holds enough punchings for a full regulation.
  • Curved box bottoms makes grabbing those tiny punchings easy!


Punching Sizes included:

Front Rail: .003, .005, .007, .010, .020, .030, .040, .050, .060

Balance Rail: .001, .002, .003, .005, .007, .010, .020, .030, .045


Customize your box!

Already have a set of punchings with different sizes than our box? Unfilled boxes can be customized to your current inventory of punchings! 


Learn How to Use It:

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