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Side Voicing Pliers


Item Description:


Our unique side voicing tool has undergone a makeover! It is now a high-end multi-function tool that acts not only as a hammerhead side voicer, but now also has the added features of a grand hammerhead extractor and center pin removal and replacement tool.


Voicing hammers through the side is a technique widely employed in Europe and is now gaining popularity here in the US. The spring-loaded barrel with a roller bearing and handle combination allows for effortless, repeated attacks with little or no stress to the wrist or hand. By simply loosening the top set screw, the voicing barrel can be quickly removed to adjust or replace needles.


The grand hammerhead extractor and center pin tool are included as two separate barrels with coil spring attached. To insert, simply loosen the top set screw, remove the existing barrel, and replace. You are ready to go within seconds. Because of the high resistance of the coil spring, removing even the most stubborn of hammerheads is a snap. Center pins are removed conventionally and pins are re-inserted using the bottom of the handle to push the new pin through.




* 3 tools in 1.


* Beautiful anodized finish in "gun metal" grey.


* Comfortable "glove-like" fit.


* Includes hammerhead extractor and center pin barrels.


* Includes handy cloth and velcro carrying pouch.

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