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Sell on the Classifieds

Have a used tool to sell? List it here - it's free for paying members! Not a member? Listing is 7% of your list price.


No broken, incomplete, non-functional, or rusted items. 

You are in charge of collecting payment directly from the buyer. ProPTN does not act as a middle man in these exchanges, and cannot assist with any payment disputes. 

Include a useful and descriptive photo(s) of your item. Images that are out-of-focus or cluttered with items will not encourage buyers to make a purchase.

Ship your item(s) in a timely manner. 

After your item is sold, alert so your listing can be removed in a timely manner. 

Your Listing Information

Select one photo for the listing photo.

Select File

You can include up to four images in your listing description. 

Select Files

I certify that this item adheres to the rules stated above.

Your item has been submitted successfully and will be live within 24 hours!

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