How to Replace a Yamaha Hammer Flange

Updated: Aug 29

Yamaha hammer flange cords were originally made with a silk thread that became fragile over time and broke. Now they use nylon for their repetition cords, but most pre-’85 pianos will need replacement cords. There are two types of flange - one is attached with a center pin, one is attached with a screw. You’ll need some very basic pinning skills to replace the flanges that are pinned, but the correct size pin comes with the flange from Yamaha. The flanges with screws are much easier to replace. 

With practice, you can do this job in a few hours. 

Required Tools For the Pin-Style Flange:

Center pin punch

Flat-head action screwdriver

Flushcut Knippers


Required Tools For the Plate Flange:

Small flat-head screwdriver

Flat head action screwdriver

Flushcut Knippers

Step 1:

Call Yamaha’s service department (888-892-6242 ex. 2) and order nine packs of hammer flanges. (They come in a set of ten.)

Step 2:

Remove the hammer from the action.

Step 3: Unscrew the flange-plate screw, pull the old flange off, and put the new flange on. Or, if the flange does not have a plate, use your pin punch to remove the old pin and install the new flange and pin. The pins are included in the flange replacement parts. 

Step 4: Cut the pin flush.

Step 5: Reinstall the hammer on the action. 

That’s it. 


Reinstall the hammers paying attention to spacing and traveling. Yamaha’s exacting standards during manufacturing rarely make traveling an issue, but being aware of alignment and traveling any time you remove parts is a good habit to cultivate. Replacing every other hammer one at a time will cut down on hammer alignment when you replace the action in the piano. 

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