Skill Sheets

Updated: May 29, 2020

By Kate Redding, RPT

Creating a skill sheet is a practical way to organize relevant information about jobs and repairs. Begin with a skill outline that is short and succinct. As you become more experienced completing certain repairs, consult your original notes, and amend your skill sheets as needed. Feel free to use this template to get started. 

SKILL - Name the skill. 

TOOLS AND SUPPLIES - List tools and materials by size and type, quantity. 

PROCEDURE -  Bullet points suffice. Make it your own based on your set up.

TIMELINE - Time it took to complete individual steps, and/or total project.

NOTES - Document what worked well, and what to avoid.

REFERENCES - Title and author of articles, books, and sources you consulted.

Keeping a binder of single-page skill sheets on your bookshelf for reference puts practical and condensed information at your fingertips, saves time, and improves workflow. This is a helpful way to refresh your memory when planning a job since the outline can be removed from the binder and used on a clipboard. 

Download a sample Skill Sheet here:

Download ODT • 2.38MB

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