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Make Your Own Tool Tray

Updated: Jul 5, 2023

by Gregory Cheng, RPT


During my last meeting at the Steinway & Sons factory in New York, I noticed there were large tool trays in the piano. The trays held a lot of tools and protected the finish of the plate.

I tweaked their idea for portability and now can't live without it. The tools are organized, the plate is protected, and I haven’t forgotten a tool on the pinblock since. This is perfect if you are doing a regulation job or working on a player and you want to keep your tools in an easy reachable place.   

It measures 13.5 inches by 13.5 inches. I bought the wood at the hardwood store, cork from the

craft store, and used backrail cloth from Schaff to cover the bottom of the tray to prevent scratches on the plate.


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