Triage Kit

By Hannah Beckett, RPT

When the show must go on, sometimes you need a quick stop-gap repair. The following is a suggested list of things to keep on hand when the clock is ticking and you have to make things work. This is a starter kit, with experience you will add to it and customize it to fit your work habits and needs. Remember - triage repairs are only appropriate when you can't perform a thorough repair. Be sure to make follow-up appointments if necessary to perform the permanent repair.

What's That Sound?

Bushing Cloth:

Excellent for silencing all types of buzzes caused by wood-on-wood joints including case parts and grand pedal lyres. Keep a few short lengths of small, medium, and thick cloth on hand.

Ecsaine Cloth:

More squeak proofing material.

Cuticle Scissors:

These scissors are tiny and very sharp - perfect for cutting your squeak-proofing cloths.


Useful for taking care of jack spring squeaks on an ill-fitting spring-to-jack connection. Sandwich it in between the spring and the jack.


Keep an assortment of felt, paper, and cardboard punchings on hand to bush gaps between screws and plastic or wood material.


Keep in a hypo oiler with an extra long applicator and use for trap work squeaks. We recommend Supply88's hypo oiler and storage tube for safe transportation.

Rubber Grommets:

For thorough and fast removal of pedal squeaks. Available from Schaff in assorted sizes (product # 1083A and 1083B).

It's Just Out of Reach


For when the pencil is out of reach and you don’t want to pull the action. Or when you drop your mute under the strings on a grand soundboard.

Magnetic Pickup:

For when you drop that critical screw deep in the recesses of the piano… Be sure to get one that is small enough to fit in the crevices of an upright action.

Pen Light:

A useful, focused light that illuminates even the deepest recesses of an action.

Hook and Pick Set:

Great for when you need a really skinny finger.

It's Too Gross to Touch

Water in a spray bottle

Cotton rag

Scotch brite

Brass brush

Latex gloves

How Do You Get This Open?

Stubby Screwdrivers:

These are great for removing cheek block screws and are easily transportable.

Small/Thin Screwdrivers:

For awkwardly angled case parts screws.

Large Vice Grips:

When the action bracket knobs are fused to the action guide posts.

For the Moment the Unthinkable Happens

Wood glue

Glue applicators

Super glue

Mini clamps

What's in your kit? Leave a comment below to share!

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