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The one-piece Classic transmits information with exceptional clarity from the tuning pin to the hand. This is a great lever for students to learn on! 


Length, center of head to end of handle: 11 1/4"

Height, end of tip to underside of shank: 2"

Weight: 9 ounces

Head angle: 7 1/2 degrees

Shank: Steel, chrome finish; overall diameter, 0.75"; wall thickness, 0.042"

Handle: Rosewood

Tip: Watanabe #2 included


This lever is available through our rental-a-lever program.


Terms & Conditions

  • Lever rentals are for a 30 day period
  • This period cannot be extended
  • If you would like more time with the lever, you must send it back by the specified date and rent for another month.
  • Levers and their accessories must be sent back in the same condition they were sent to you.
  • You are only allowed to rent one lever at a time.
  • To send the lever back, use the same box it came in, along with the lever and accessories
  • A pre-paid shipping label will be included for ease of use to return. If you do not return the lever by the specified date, you will be charged $90

Levitan Classic


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