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The KTT Tri-Wheel Leg Casters allow you to effortlessly move grand pianos quickly and conveniently without having to remove the piano leg casters. These are perfect for dealerships, shop techs, and university techs who need to move pianos frequently and want to eliminate unnecessary hassle!


Made from premium-grade German casters, the low-profile, non-marring wheels are available in two sizes:


1 3/8” - 660lb capacity

2” - 990lb capacity


Sold in a set of three, these high-load capacity casters fit all piano wheel types and protect the brass finish from scratching. Use the KTT Leg Jack to install the Tri-Wheel Leg Casters in seconds!

Tri-Wheel Leg Caster

  • Learn more about the development of KTT Smart Move in our podcast interview with founder, Leonard Ostrander.


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