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Supply88 Grand Lyre Airbag

Removing a grand pedal lyre can be cumbersome and physically challenging. Supply88 has recently added the Lyre Airbag to its offerings and we couldn’t be more excited about it. At $9, this tool takes the difficulty out of lyre removal and installation by taking the strain off your body and heavily reducing the risk of damage to the lyre. We highly recommend including these in your field kits. Here’s how it works:

Head to Supply88 to get yours, and pick up a few hypo oilers while you’re there!


Supply88 was started by Mark Purney RPT who created products to improve his own tuning business and thought that perhaps other technicians could use them too. The business is now comprised of Mark and his wife, nine 3D printers, two office cats, two workshop cats, and several other tuners contributing more innovative products. Check them out at

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