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ProPTN promotes the progression of piano technology by providing easy access to instructional content for piano technicians across the globe. We publish monthly articles on everything from tuning and maintenance to business and beyond. Sign up for our yearly-membership subscription for full access to peer-reviewed content that preserves craftsmanship while keeping up with technology. 



Our resources are made by technicians for technicians of all levels, and reflect many techniques that are suitable for different learning styles and body types. Build your skills by learning from a community of people who are passionate about representing the diversity within our field.



We believe that the best way to grow our skillsets is through learning and sharing our experiences with each other. With our online Discord community forums, our marketplace, and open-door policy for engagement and contribution, ProPTN is dedicated to providing a safe space for the exchange of ideas, methods, and resources. 

Is Piano Technology For You?

If you're in the early phases of investigating the world of piano technology, you've probably found out that this slightly-antiquated field is a lot more complicated than you first thought.


The articles listed below are designed to offer some answers as to whether piano technology is right for you. If you still aren't sure, fill out the contact form to talk to a piano technician directly!

Avenues of Education

There are many roads to piano technology. This article features the experiences of three technicians who chose different avenues to their pursuit of education.


Check out some of our free sample articles and product reviews below!


A Plethora of Pitch Correction Methods

Product Reviews


WNG Key Dip Tool

This beautifully designed key dip tool from WNG will cut your regulating time in half and increase dip accuracy for more consistent results.


An Introduction to Pianoscope

Pianoscope is a powerful tool that bridges the gap between the aural skills and ETD efficiency.


Tuning Lever

Makers & Products

This article features several tuning lever options, along with reviews from people who use them every day. 

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